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I have never doubted my decision perhaps that is the reason, why I do my job with such passion and love. And very successfully, I dare to say.

Every day my work in the salon starts with a smile on my face. Scissors are my tools, but I also express art with hair up. I always strive toward something new. I broaden my horizons by participating in many foreign projects. For me there are no restrictions and obstacles, I love gaining new knowledge and I have confidence in myself as well as my work.

Mojca ČAS

To become a hairdresser-artist was my goal already in early elementary school.

I have been in this profession since 1995 and am very proud that I am a member of IN hair art from the beginning.

In the beginning I worked only as a hairdresser but a few years later I upgraded my knowledge in the field of makeup and hand and nail care. I love being creative and because I always have to be in step with the trends and innovations in the world of hairstyles, make-up and nails, I constantly educate myself both in Slovenia and abroad.

This profession enables me to be an artist.


Already as a little girl I knew I will become a hairdresser, because creating has always been my desire. I have gained all of my knowledge in this salon it makes me very happy that I have a chance of continuous additional training at various seminars in Slovenia as well as abroad. In the IN hair art team I cut and colour hair. I find hair up especially challenging.


I chose this profession because it was very interesting to me from a young age. During my studies, my passion for it only grew during this time, and I also discovered my other virtue, which is Make up. All the knowledge I have has been acquired here. I am able to further upgrade it at seminars at home and abroad.

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