About us

Who we are

The beginnings of a successful hairdresser family business began in 1975 in Žirovnica, in 1982 we opened a salon in Črna. Since 1999, we have also been successfully working in Prevalje. On October 14, 2011 we opened the renovated salon IN HAIR ART in Prevalje.

The entire team of hairdresser stylists and colourists is under constant education. By participating in various professional seminars and many fashion shows, solo projects and seminars, we upgrade our knowledge and skills. We go a hand in hand with fashion and trends because self-confident and satisfied customers are very important to us.

Our goals

We present ourselves to our customers in the salon, to audience of fashion shows, to readers of fashion magazines as well as by educating young hairdressers. In Koroška we are recognised as an excellent brand at its work.

Since October 14, 2010 we have been inviting our regular customers in our newly renovated salon. A black and white combination and minimalist style point to a new time and new start. Six comfortable work chairs were joined by three relaxing massage chairs.

In the lounge you will be invited to “colour” bar where you will be served with fragrant coffee and appropriately advised on the colour of your hair. If you want to be relaxed yet creative you, can take the advantage of wireless internet.

About us

salon Prevalje

TRG 11, 2391 Prevalje

phone: +386 (0)2 82 40 200
phone: +386 (0)2 82 40 201

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 6.00am - 9.00pm
Saturday: 6.00am - 5.00pm
Sunday and holidays: Closed

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  +386 (0)2 82 40 200
  +386 (0)2 82 40 201
  Trg 11, 2391 Prevalje