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  • Maja ŠTAMOL
  • Tjaša KOKALJ

For almost twenty years I was visiting the same hairdresser. Two years ago a haircut in the newspaper caught my attention, it totally fascinated me. The masterpiece was signed by Petra, whom I met years ago. I trusted her and she made a radical change in my appearance. My bob haircut was changed by a beautiful short hairstyle. I feel great.

It is easy to maintain, I always look tidy, which is certainly the result of precise cutting. Petra enjoys her work and this is why she is also very successful!

Petra and I have been cooperating for several years on various projects. Among other things, she was a member of the creative team in creating hairstyles on my fashion shows.

I can say that with her expertise and professionalism she contributed significantly to the overall success of my fashion shows. She always brings positive energy, smiles and kindness, which affect the whole atmosphere. Therefore I do not know anyone who would not want Petra in her team.

That is why I still insist: "Petra come on, do come to Ljubljana!" :)

I met Petra on one of the photo shoots. Because I have worked with many hairdressers, masters at their jobs as well as those who are not very good at what they do. You could say that I recognise real artists quickly. I was immediately impressed by Petra.

Her work proves that she loves her job and that she is really professional at what she does. She soon convinced me! She was the one whom I trusted to cut my hair short.

With her ideas and good energy which she always carries, she fascinates me over and over again. She is the one and only.

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salon Prevalje

TRG 11, 2391 Prevalje

phone: +386 (0)2 82 40 200
phone: +386 (0)2 82 40 201

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  +386 (0)2 82 40 200
  +386 (0)2 82 40 201
  Trg 11, 2391 Prevalje